Preparing for a Session

family photography studio

Preparing for a Session

family photography studio

Preparing for Studio and Outdoor Portrait Sessions


Clothing /Wardrobe selection

When planning for your portraits, choose clothing that reflects your personality and makes you feel good. Or choose dark colors for a more dramatic look. It is not necessary to “match” your family’s clothing, but it does help to follow some kind of color scheme, or “theme”, for a consistent look. Wendy can show you samples of color schemes and themed clothing.

Bright, vibrant colors work wonderfully both in the studio, and for outdoor portrait sessions.

Please feel free to bring personal items you would like to include to your child’s session, such as that special blanket, chair, or hat/hairbow. 

Things to avoid:

Clothing with large graphics, logos, or writing are not only distracting, but will date your images. Avoid anything besides small prints/textures whenever possible.

Big, shiny jewelry will become the star of your fine portrait. Wendy wants you (your children, and your family) to be the stars in your finished images, so avoid large distracting jewelry, unless it suits the theme you are looking for. Wendy will help you plan if you are uncertain.

Selecting a Time

Consider your child’s temperament when booking your session. If she does better earlier, then book your session for morning. Make sure if your child takes a nap, and is happiest afterwards, to fit in that nap time before your session. Likewise, if your child is fussy after a nap, or when hungry, make sure you have him well-rested and fed in time to be at his “best” for your session. Happy children produce happy images.


Preparing for your Newborn Portrait Session

Newborns are Wendy’s favorite subjects to photograph, because the recreation of life is one of the greatest human experiences we have the blessing of receiving. The small little mouths, baby feet, fingers, and soft skin are endearing to Wendy as she aims to capture all of these elements with her portraiture.

When to Schedule your Session

Book your newborn session as soon as you receive a solid due date from your doctor. Wendy will use your due date as a reference point, and will move appointments around when necessary to place your newborn’s appointment at the very best time possible. Your appointment can be booked in advance. After your session is reserved (based on due date), be sure to call Wendy as soon as you arrive home from the hospital, so she can secure time to bring your child in between days 5-14.

When is the Right Time to Photograph a Newborn?

Wendy wants to see your newborn between day 5 and day 14 of its new life. Wendy prefers “fresh” babies, because they are more likely to curl up and sleep more. They are also posed in a greater variety of positions when brand new.

If you are finding out about Wendy after your child is born, contact her to discuss options to best capture the essence of your new addition. Even after the newborn “window” has closed there are still many options to capture beautiful images of your baby.

About your Newborn Session

Wendy’s philosophy is to let your newborn dictate the direction and mood of your session. Same babies arrive sleeping soundly from the car ride, while others arrive alert and stimulated. The flow of your session is dependent upon what baby is feeling when you arrive. You should plan an spending 2-3 hours in the session, and bring plenty of supplies, diapers, blankets, burp rags along so you can feed, comfort, clean, and change your baby throughout the session. (It’s also not a bad idea to bring a change of clothing for yourself, as you will be in close contact with your baby throughout the appointment).

Wendy prefers to shoot newborns in their “element” – no clothing at all, or just diapered. Blankets are used throughout the session to ensure your little angel stays warm and cozy. Please leave doting family members behind to look after your home and other children. Wendy wants this time to be focused on capturing your newborn. Siblings can be brought to the beginning of a session if you would like her to photograph your children together. Be sure and have arrangements made far someone to take him home after the beginning of the session. Mom and Dad will have a hard time focusing on a successful newborn session if they stay busy caring for other children, or by hosting well-meaning grandparents in the session. 

Are Digital Negatives Released for Use?

Wendy does not release or sell single digital negatives from your session. She does offer a special “365” package that includes beautiful custom baby announcement cards and envelopes, and a custom coffee table book at the end of your first year with your child (with a minimum of $400 in print orders). Also included in her “365” package with your session print orders are web-resolution images, for sharing on blogs and social media. 

See Sessions & Packages for more information. Full session downloads are also available and pricing is dependent on your session type. 

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